Comedy is cruelty in cheese and crackwhores

comedy is cruelty in cheese and crackwhores

Richard Gadd: Cheese and Crack Whores It is cruel to laugh. One of the UK's most exciting, unique, and troubled new comedians, Richard.
Richard Gadd had a sleeper hit last year with Cheese and Crack Whores, a broad multimedia comedy about his post-breakup descent into.
Young Scottish comic Richard Gadd tries out his 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival show Cheese & Crack Whores at the UCB. As the premise goes, Gadd is. Fuk shit Don't have an account yet?. More Events UCB Franklin. This show comes from the same stable as the genius of Kim Noble and its deranged, nihilistic, self-abasing narrative is played out in a similar multi-media vein. His psychiatrist insists he pulls out of the show. Please choose your username under which you would like all your comments to show up:. More Events in Hollywood. But we got the balance right in the end.