Content corporate democratic whores

content corporate democratic whores

Bernie Sanders on Thursday repudiated the remarks of a surrogate who used the phrase " corporate Democratic whores " on Wednesday night.
Bernie Sanders' campaign is facing accusations of sexism again after a surrogate invoked a misogynist slur at a rally in.
Bernie was right to immediately disavow surrogate Dr. Paul Song's shocking use of the term corporate whore to describe certain.
Donald Trump Held Back Calling Media Whores Like Jefferson Did content corporate democratic whores It all comes down to demand. Now Secretary Clinton has said that Medicare-for-all will never happen. Or you could read exited prostitute Rebecc Mott's blog about being prostituted, which is quite hair-raising. Song, as you well know, a single payer system merely makes the government the only payer in the system, but it doesn't necessarily address the payees, like pharma, directly. Look for the featured stories to be published in a future post!