D en class witch doctor passive fetish sycophants

d en class witch doctor passive fetish sycophants

The whole point of playing pets is to play passive while your army fights. Of course you should be using Pierce the Veil. Current record is having 18 Fetishes out: D! I remember in Diablo 3 sans expansion, I tried using . is counter -productive to pretty much every damage skill the witch doctor has because it just means.
I was looking for a list of what counts as a "spell" for fetish triggering. The Fetish Sycophants passive works differently. You have a [GUIDE] The Carnpendium.
This is a Witch Doctor build that aim for tankiness and pet. Have a high DPS rate, good AoE, free to channel, and synergy well with Fetish Sycophants. durable enough, feel free to switch this to other DPS Passive skill if Don't surprise when someone says this world is a safer place with you around: D. d en class witch doctor passive fetish sycophants If you stand outside BBV's ring, even if they are standing inside it, they won't do more damage. Fierce Loyalty and Thorns: Fetishes do not benefit from Fierce Loyalty life regen and do not apply Thorns damage. This Diablo III skill article is a stub. It's not very reliable, so I think you're better off with Gruesome Feast. Sycophants are always physical, FA depends on your Rune.